Donation & Consignment

NEW  2  U  will be accepting  “at will’   Donations

Since Bill’s passing, Sarah appreciates your “At Will” Donations! 

Volunteer hours may be something we could use as well, if this is of interest to you, please talk to Sarah about it.


Some Donations will also benefit the

NEW 2 U Thrift Store & UHAUL is a proud supporter of MCAS 

Some Items we are in need of:

  • Jewelry and Kitchen Items in good condition 
  • FURNITURE and/or Appliances in good condition

If you have  larger pieces such as furniture, etc that you need picked up; please contact Sarah at the store (540) 738-2049

or via cell  (Text is best 🙂 540-407-4141

 These are “AT WILL” DONATIONS, meaning we do not have a tax receipt to give donors.  Your donations will help us keep the store and staff going and may help with these expenses.    The main goal of these donations will be to  keep our dream alive and allow us to keep our much needed staff employed.   Donors will receive a 10% OFF Coupon and an employee will give a credit on our  New 2 U  Rewards Voucher Card.   PLEASE CONTACT US Prior to bringing in donations, especially large ones,  to make sure someone to help you unload, and/or space especially if larger item(s).   Thank You  🙂   Thank You  🙂  Thank You   🙂


If you have a large amount of items you wish to donate, PLEASE call ahead.   IF you have furniture or multiple items and/or need something picked up, please contact the store  (540) 738-2049 and we will make arrangements to help you with that. 

CONSIGNMENT and Purchasing … is on a Case by Case basis

Consignment Pay Out is in the form of Store Credit unless otherwise agreed upon by Consignor and New 2 U Staff.  

New 2 U gets many items from our partner company including  “NEW” and  “New 2 U” CLOTHING, shoes, household items, and more.     New 2 U  also purchases NEW JEWELRY for resale at Thrifty Prices.  

FURNITURE  &  PLUS  SIZE  CLOTHING is always something we are looking for, as well as DVD’s, CD’s, Electronic Gaming Systems, Flat Screen TV’s, Collectible Toys & Action Figures,  & Barbie’s. 

Contact Sarah at  or  via  TEXT: (540) 407-4141   –  pictures of furniture pieces will be needed before any consignment could be accepted. 

Based on the above information…. Contact us if you have any of the above mentioned items

New 2 U will make your consignment appointment for you AND payments are made on a bi-weekly basis. Consignment percentage (%) is based on type of items and quality of items.