FURNITURE, Clothing, Antiques, Jewelry, Toys, MORE  & UHAUL Rentals 

Business Hours: daily  Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 5pm

CLOSED  –  Sunday and Monday

New 2 U  located at: 1271 N Seminole Trl. in Madison, VA 22727  ->  PHONE: (540) 738- 2049

(the aqua green building slightly on the hill, between ReMax and Montigue Miller Realty along Hwy. 29 on the north end of Madison, VA).

NEW 2 U Thift Store is now offering UHAUL Rentals – call us to reserve or with questions. 

( our prices that is :).

 Sarah - New 2 U with her Grandsons  Sarah – Operates this family owned business since her husband Bill passed away from cancer, and her dream is that the business will be a  blessing to the community.  She hopes that any who are in need or want of items, can find them affordably at New 2 U.   To help customers more, sales tax is incorporated into the price, so if you are on a budget; and you know you have $20 you can purchase $20 of items (tax included).  Sarah knows only to well, that its best to count your blessings every day.  Many of Sarah’s blessings come from her “New 2 U family”.  Some of this “family”  work or help out in some way at the store and others are Customers that have become “family members”.  🙂  Since Bill’s passing, Sarah holds family even more dear, and looks forward to you becoming a part of it.  🙂

New 2 U Staff   ( other than Sarah )


Samantha (Sam) – lives in Madison with her husband and two children and has been a welcome new addition to the “New 2 U” Family and brings retail experience and a sweet outgoing personality to our store.  She can be seen most days and will be happy to assist you.

Jennifer  Jennifer – has been helping out part time at New 2 U on the weekends only and Sarah values her friendship and sweet loving personality.

Ann,  Shirley & Randy, Momma Peggy,  & other friends & “family members” –  (aka sisters by another Mother ) volunteer and help out whenever they can. And the cute little boys are the youngest of their grandchildren, who “help out”  when not in school.    Grandchildren are some of their most loved and greatest blessings ever!